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CLEAN Power Ordinance Petition!

TAKE ACTION and sign the petition to tell your alderman to support the CLEAN Power Ordinance!


Alderman Joe Moore of the 49th Ward is introducing an ordinance that would require Fisk and Crawford to reduce their pollution significantly. He needs your support!

The Ordinance sets standards for both fine particle matter (soot) and carbon dioxide:

  • PM/PM10 limit of .015 lb/MMBtu: This is a 90% reduction over the current PM/PM10 limit and equivalent to the standard that is widely set for new coal fired power plants.
  • PM2.5 limit of .010 lb/MMBtu: The plants have no PM2.5 limit now; this PM2.5 limit is critical because fine particle pollution poses a very serious threat to the health (especially respiratory health) of local residents.
  • CO2 limit of 120.36 lbs/MMBtu: This is equivalent to that of a natural gas plant.
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